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Tench Regulator Service

Tench Regulator Service

So my S200 was leaking from its Tench Regulator. After a surf on the web I found that XTX Air does a small kit, which seems to be only one commercially available. That’s as I post in mid March 2018, the situation may change in the future.

The postman arrived, so I laid out what I need: here it is.


First thing to do is to measure exactly where your brass bolt sits. Do this by marking the position of the brass bolt against the Regulator Body -- just two small marks -- then calibrate the cap its open to. Then I screwed the bolt all the way in, which happened to be one full turn. It’s just a double-check for when I need to reassemble.


Unscrew the brass bolt completely -- be careful, as inside there is a black or white plastic disc. Make sure this part is cleaned and put to one side; there is also one small O ring on this part to change.


The next photo shows the Regulator striped down. Just wipe all parts clean, replace all O rings as they present themselves.


There are two O rings on this disc-shaped part. The large one is OK, but the small one was a bit tricky to remove. The new one is a doddle to put back on.


When all O rings have been changed, reassemble, first having adjusted the brass bolt back to the setting you marked at the start.


Here are the old ones, quite mangled after eight years of trouble-free regulated shots.


Well that’s my first Resource over to be honest it was a doddle to do a change of Orings And Service Clean
XTX air have a to do Video on utube so you can’t go to wrong
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Nicely explained & good pictures to show what is happening.