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Soulpad 3000 Hybrid

Soulpad 3000 Hybrid

To start this off we need to wind the clock back a couple of years to my first experience of the bushy side of life. Picture this, it was late January and the average temperature was between -2C and 5C. I had organised a small gathering of a few like-minded guys from a forum for a meet in the south-west of England.

I had decided to buy myself a tent from Argos and a sleeping bag from Tescos (I know).

After the first night spent in freezing temperatures I made a decision that would change the way I camp forever.

When I got home I started looking around on the internet for a suitable size tent, but what size did I need? After some researching I stumbled across a website which had bell tents with integral wood burning stoves. My mind flashed back to my first night out in sub zero temps and I realized that I'd found what I was looking for.

I chose the SoulPad 3000 Hybrid, an awesome bit of kit (officially this tent is too small to use with the log burner). I ordered it online and the tent arrived before the money was taken from my bank (2 days) which was excellent service from the Soulpad staff.


I promptly went out to a nearby farm which I had access to and had a go at putting the tent up, it was a breeze and the tent was up in 5 minutes. The design, craftsmanship and aesthetics of the tent were awesome and the zips were solid and sturdy, no worries about them breaking or giving way through the night. The ground sheet is nice, thick and strong, made from 540g/m2 water proof material in a bath tub style and completely detachable via it's zip, which is waterproofed in turn by a storm flap running along it's entire length. The benefit of this is that on warm days the sides can be released and rolled up allowing you to enjoy your surroundings whilst staying in the shade.

The 3000 in the name refers to the 3m diameter of the tent. Inside this tent there is enough room for a double air bed (although to use one would be decidedly un-bushcraft) and all the gear that two people are likely to need.

This version also has three windows, with zips again, that have mesh fitted to keep any flying nasties out and three vents at the top. There are also inners available separately that clip in to create internal rooms.

A bit about the Blaze stove. This is a small wood burner that is supplied by Soulpad. There is a flue system available with an insulated section that protects the tent roof from heat where it exits.

We decided to set the log burner up outside the tent for the first fire-up to burn all the paint off the surfaces that get hot, we fired it up and within 5 mins we were sat around the stove with a kettle on the top and hot water was on its way. I can understand why the Soulpad staff don't recommend this burner for the 3 metre tent as this stove kicks out some heat and I reckon you would be cooked alive.

We now use the stove in the camp with a tarp strung out over it as a kind of sitting/meeting area.

So to sum up, if you're looking for a good quality item you only have to buy once then I would recommend the tent and stove with out a second thought.

An excellent item at a reasonable price, it's hard not to recommend it.

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