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There are many budget entry level spring guns on the market, but most are cheap and nasty! There is one though, that gives unbelievable performance for the money. The gun I am referring to is the SMK SYNXS. It is a synthetic stocked break-barrel springer, that is made in China.

Now in the past, Chinese guns have enjoyed a less then enviable reputation, for both quality and consistency of manufacture, and performance. With the spread and advancement of CNC production techniques however, the standard and quality of Chinese produced airguns has gone through the roof.

So, now we know the background, lets take a look at what the SYNXS has to offer.

It's most instantly identifiable feature is it's black synthetic stock. It has a nicely textured feel, offering good grip, even when not holding it by the generous sharply checkered panels at the pistol grip, and fore-end. A soft, ventilated butt pad is fitted, along with a white line spacer. Ambidextrous check pieces are moulded-in, to cater for right and left handed shooters.

The metalwork finish is to a surprisingly high standard, bluing is even, deep, and rich in colour. better in-fact than on some well regarded British manufactured PCP guns.

The SMK SYNXS has fibre-optic open sights fitted, the rear being fully micro adjustable by clicking thumb wheels. It has two glowing green dots to aid target acquisition. The front sight has a ramped red element, along with a vented shroud, to protect the unit, but still allow light to get to the fibre-optic element to enable it to light up.

The cylinder is sharply grooved for the fitment of a telescopic sight, but the grooves are quite shallow, so the choice of a suitable mount is important. The grooves are ready fitted with a recoil arrester, but as the gun has soft recoil, I feel it is not needed. It can be removed if so wished.

The barrel detent is very positive, requiring a sharp tap to open it. When it does open, it gives a reassuringly sharp click/clunk sound, again, much better than on some British manufactured break-barrels I own.

Cocking the guns is easy, due to the relatively low powered mainspring. Drawing the barrel back to engage the sears, also engages the auto safety catch. This is located on the rear left hand side of the cylinder, a la Weihrauch style.


Loading a pellet into the breech shows another big surprise, the quality of the bore and rifling. It is amazing for the cost of the gun, and does not show it's budget status one bit.

With the barrel closed, safety off, and the gun held on aim, it shows what a nicely weighted, and balanced gun it is, superbly stable.

Squeezing the trigger off is not so great though. There is a bit of creep (but at least it is smooth), but the weight of the pull is the most noticeable thing. It is not mega heavy, but it is not light either, nor is it adjustable.

The firing cycle is gentle, smooth, quiet, and twang free, again well above what you would expect of a gun this reasonably priced.

But now we get the the SYNXS's ace card, it's accuracy. In a word, unbelievable.

Using either H+N FT Trophy, or RWS Superdomes, this gun will produce one hole cloverleaf groups at 25 yards easily. I use Superdomes, as they give identical accuracy returns as the H+N's, for far less cost. I have not tried to increase the range, to test accuracy further out, but I am sure it would not disappoint.

Shooting the gun over the chrono shows yet again, how good this little gun is, as shot to shot consistency is absolutely staggering, how does a variation of 3-5 fps grab you?

Power is around 8ftlbs, not huge, but in the same sort of category as the Meteor of old, try telling millions of old hunters that their Meteors were not powerful enough to knock over close range rabbits, pigeons, and rats.

If I was asked which cheap springer would I recommend as a first airgun...this would be it.
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