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SMK Multi-Reticle Dot Sight Review

SMK Multi-Reticle Dot Sight Review

As the vast majority of Airgun Dot Sights are on the cheap and cheerful side, and therefore often being made wholly from plastic, the fact that this one was completely made from aluminium is what caught my attention.


It is very solidly made and constructed, as there is absolutely no plastic whatsoever...even the lens is coated glass, rather than acrylic or polycarbonate etc.

This bodes rather well, as most Red Dot sights are used for close quarter ratting and feral culling, and so are used indoors, where they are prone to getting knocked about.

Plastic ones are therefore at risk of being easily broken, but this SMK can take the knocks without a worry.


  • A choice of four Red Reticles are available on the one sight, so You can tailor it to Your precise needs.(Dot, Dot in a Circle, Crosshair, Combined crosshair and Circle)
  • All metal tubeless design with a 33mm reflex lens aperture.
  • Very wide field of view (much better than a scope)
  • Unaffected by parallax, with unlimited eye-relief.
  • Lightweight (113g) yet shockproof.
  • Lower power consumption for longer battery life than most other Red Dot sights.
  • Dedicated 9-11mm Airgun mount.

There are some other features that SMK fail to mention, and those are:

It's compact size (80mm long, and only 55 mm high) will allow the sight to be mounted low on the gun, and therefore as close to the barrel line as possible, and so enabling dead on shots to be taken at close range, without having to remember 'hold-under' or 'hold-over'.

A magic-eye on the front of the sight, which automatically brightens/dims the dot depending on the available light level where it is being used.

A rubber cover is supplied to protect the screen when not in use.

Zero adjustment is by recessed allen keys (supplied), so they cannot be knocked off zero easily or inadvertently.

Coated Screen lens to help avoid reflection.

The picture on the box shows a manual brightness dial, which is missing off the actual sight, but the auto dimmer function makes up for that, I suppose.

The reticles are changed by moving a wheel underneath the rear of the unit.
These move from side to side as that wheel is turned, so you have to be very careful to make sure the wheel/reticle is precisely centred, but there is a spring loaded detent at each position to enable/help that to be achieved.

A sturdy, all metal reflex sight, offering the choice of four reticles, held securely by it's integral airgun mount.

I have seen this type of reflex sight being tested/used on military style RF and CF rifles in Shooting Sports magazine, where the prices can run into hundreds of pounds, so the RRP of just £29.95 for this one has to be a bargain.
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