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S200 Adjustable Butt Plate Guide

S200 Adjustable Butt Plate Guide

Here is my guide to fitting an adjustable butt plate to my s200. Overall I don't think it's a complicated job as long as you can handle a drill, screwdriver and a file, you will be fine.


Remove the original butt pad which is held on by 2 large screws and stuck on. It took me longer to remove that than refit the new one.

Once the screws were out I used a combination of a hair dryer and Stanley knife blade to gently remove the rubber pad.

Don't rush it and be careful not to mark your nice shiny stock.


Picture shows what the stock end looks like once the pad has been removed.

Offer up the metal plate from the new pad and align as best you can trying to keep it central. The holes in the new plate did not line up with the original ones so once you are happy it's where it should be mark where the new holes need to be made.

I never got new screws with the new plate so I found some suitable ones from my collection. You will notice that the overall length & width of the plate will be bigger than the butt of the stock so will need to be filed to shape to suit.

Get your drill and suitable drill bit and carefully drill the two new holes that are required. Don't rush it and recheck the position of the holes before you drill the new ones.


Once drilled, screw the metal plate on and check you are happy with it. While the plate was on the stock I took the time to carefully mark where the plate was larger than the butt.

I drew around the edge of the stock marking the metal plate as i went. Then when removing the plate there should be a pencil mark around the plate showing where it needs to be filed down to shape.

File it to shape. Unless you are lucky enough to have industrial tools to hand a small metal hand file is all you need and carefully file down to the marks as required.


Keep offering up the plate to the rifle to check the shape. Once you have completed that and all is well fit it back on to the rifle.

Now fit the rubber part and adjust it to suit. It's only held on with one screw so nice and a straight forward.

The only other thing i did was to seal the end of the stock once the original pad was taken off as this was bare wood with stain or wax on it.

Hope that's clear enough, If not let me know and will explain better if I can. It really is quite a easy job
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