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Rabbit Pasta Bake

Rabbit Pasta Bake


  • pasta (you will need to work out the exact amount, it basically varies depending on what sort of dish you are using)
  • 2 rabbits (skinned and gutted)
  • 1 jar of dolmio pasta bake sauce
  • cheese (didnt write an exact measure no point its up to you how much you add)


Skin and gut your rabbits

Once you have your skinned and gutted your rabbits put them in a bowl of water with a load of salt over night, this removes the bitterness that rabbits can have.

When you remove it from the salty water place the rabbits in a large pan with water and boil it until the meat is falling off the bone, this took mine about an hour and a half but it can take up to 2 hours.

When the rabbits are nice and tender, take them out of the water and then strain the water to remove any pieces of meat that have fallen off in the pan, leave to cool for ten minutes and then pick the meat from the bone and place it in an oven proof dish, boil your pasta put it in the dish and then mix it in with the rabbit meat, add your dolmio sauce and then sprinkle cheese over the top (the jar says sprinkle, i say cover, its all about wether you like cheese or not) 200'C oven 20 mins and then serve hot with a chunk of buttered French stick and extra cheese if wanted.

I found 2 rabbits a little bit much for mine, vary it on how much you are making for a small amount a single rabbit should do mine served 4 with seconds in a fair sized portion so vary how much you make/use
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