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OK, these are my results from my first use of this rifle, firstly it's a lot of rifle in such a small package, with a multishot mag giving 9 shots in .177 cal. The magazine is black plastic with a clear cover, easy to load even in .177, and so far no indexing problems. It's simple and functional with a fairly slick stainless bolt.


The rifle comes with a single-shot adapter, making it ideal for pest control or target shooting. The stock is a pleasant, medium-stained beech with laser checkering on pistol grips and fore-end. It's quite slender but comfortable in use with a nice rubber recoil pad. The trigger looks as though it's single stage, but I found a nice easy let-off on firing. The trigger and trigger guard are alloy with a cross-bolt safety, all of the rifle is metal apart from the moderator and part of the rear sight. Aiming with the open sights is good in single-shot mode, but there's some obstruction to the sightline from the magazine in multishot mode. However, as most PCP rifles are used scoped, there should be no problem.


The silencer can be changed, as it's just held on with a couple of grub screws. If you need an adapter, the Woodfield RFD in Swansea is already selling them if needed. Early rifles had a filling hole which has to have a probe inserted to fill the rifle (supplied), but the angle of this was such that the fill probe came in contact with the body. They have taken this comment on board and changed the angle in the tube so it's now no longer a problem (on mine at least).


Due to the weather here and lack of time, I have only filled the rifle once and fired off around thirty pellets all with open sights only. My air bottle was down to 115 psi on the gauge, and on filling the rifle, the gauge under the rifle tube seen through stock read the same, dropping to around the 110 reading. So far, I have only tested with H&N Excite flat-heads and not done a chrony test, but will asap with several pellet weights.


My initial feelings are that this rifle will give many other makes a run for their money at a fraction of the cost. I love my BSA PCP rifles, but the S10 is far too heavy to carry all day, and my Falcon and AA S200 and a few more will also be back-staged for a while, as I am quite taken with this little oriental beauty.


The rifle only weighs around 5lbs unscoped and measures 38 1/2" or 97cm, meaning that you can carry it all day. The smallish air tube is the only downside, but if you're shooting FT, a refill should be no problem, and if hunting, it will likely give an adequate shot count, otherwise you'll need a quick trip back to the car.

The cost of spare mags should be reasonable, particularly if ordered from Europe. I ordered this rifle from Protarget in Poland, delivered to my door for £162.
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Excellent review of a budget PCP that might get others interested in taking the step over to the Dark Side.
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