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NS50 Nitesite Scope Review

NS50 Nitesite Scope Review

The high cost of night vision scopes has always been a problem for the ordinary air gun user, until now that is. A new British designed scope is now available in the UK at a price which is more suitable to the average air gunner. A digital camera and a 3" scope mounted monitor offers the air rifle user a clear 50 yard night time view for the sum of £399.


NiteSite is an innovative and unconventional way of shooting, in that you do not have your three points of contact to take a shot! You simply shoulder the rifle in a ‘heads up’ position viewing the cross-hairs of your day scope on the LCD screen mounted on the top of the scope! The NiteSite system has an infra-red camera that fits to a regular day scope using a flexible sleeve. Once the camera is put in place and connected to the LCD screen and illuminator module, the image of the cross-hairs is clearly visible on the LCD screen! It is that simple!


The LCD screen and illuminator module has an infra red beam that is switched in four increments from off to full by turning the switch on top of the illuminator unit. The infra red camera module can see the infra red light very clearly. This method of night vision can give a recognisable image up to a distance of 200 yards with the NS200 model, and in excess of 50 yards for the NS50 model. This will depend on the quality of the day scope optics that are in use at the time.

NiteSite is a very easy way to achieve night vision for your day scope rifle combo. There is no need to remove your day scope for this system, there is no need for re-sighting your day scope recalibrating any part of your set-up for this system, it is a very easy plug and play system that will convert your day set up into a night vision set up in just a couple of minutes.


Using the NS50 is strange at first, getting used to looking above your scope instead of in to it really takes some practice, but after a short while it becomes manageable. The first thing you notice when focusing on an animal is the brightness of its eyes, a rat, rabbit or squirrel really gives it self away by the brightness reflected from its eyes. Certainly, anything within 50 yards was clearly in view but was not aware of my presence.

Powered by a battery pack which fits nicely on your belt, the whole package is compact, out of the way, and does not impede your shooting stance, and when not in use, packs away into a substantial plastic case.

All in all, a really nice bit of kit for your night time shooting activities, well recommended.

IMPORTANT NOTICE to all users of night vision equipment. The Wildlife & Countryside Act, 1981 doesn't allow night-time shooting of avian species (only ground mamals). It's not just lamping they ban the practice with; it's 'devices for night shooting', too!!!!. So you must not use the NiteSite to shoot birds after dark.
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