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Mora Companion Knife

Mora Companion Knife

Mora Knives have an enviable reputation and history of producing excellent and affordable fixed blade knives that are real workhorses, while also being comfortable and easy to maintain.

For a long time the "Mora Clipper" was the knife that all others seemed to be judged against, but now the "Clipper" has itself been replaced by a new model – "The Mora Companion". Superficially, the Companion is almost identical to the Clipper, but, in fact, there are some real differences.

Mora Companion.jpg

Let's start with the similarities: The first is the sheath. The Companion comes in the same moulded plastic unit as the Clipper, a very practical one-piece plastic "push fit" sheath that holds the knife securely and incorporates a drain hole, a moulded-in platform to push your thumb against to help draw the knife, and a strong belt clip that allows you to snap the sheath on or off a belt instead of merely threading a belt through.

This belt clip will take a belt up to 1.2/3" (4.5cm) wide, but also incorporates a cut-out that allows you to slot the knife over a button (if your clothing has a suitable button), a traditional Scandinavian hunter's method of carrying a knife.

The Companion, as with the Clipper, is available with either a high carbon, or a Sandvik 12c27 stainless steel 4" (10cm) long and just over ¾" (2cm) wide blade. The blades are 2mm thick on both the stainless Clipper and carbon steel Companion knives I have in my possession, though some reviewers mention that 2.5mm knives have "Scandi" ground clip style blades with the edge running right up to the handle.

Mora Companion with sheath.jpg

The handles of both knives are of green plastic moulded directly onto the steel of the knife, with a black, soft and very grippy, rubber covering over all but the bolster and butt of this handle.

The handle of the Companion is 2mm longer than my Clipper at 4.3/4" (12cm) along the spine of the handle, and the Companion's rubber grips are smooth, except for the "Morakniv" logo moulded into the rubber, while the Clipper features a deeply cut chequering on each side of the handle.

The main difference between the Clipper and Companion is invisible to the naked eye – the tang on the Companion extends three-quarters of the length of the handle, while the tang of the Clipper was only one-quarter to one-third the length of the handle. This would appear to make the Companion a stronger knife than the Clipper, but in most usages you would never notice the difference. I certainly haven't!

The Companion has proved superb for all the tasks I have put it to, from whittling and making "feather sticks" to food preparation and cutting meat and hide by way of light batoning to make kindling. The grip is good and positive, even covered with slime, and both knife and sheath are dishwasher proof.

Mora Companion detail of Belt loop.jpg

The carbon steel Companion came good and sharp and proved simple to re-hone to a razor edge once it became dulled, but as the knife held its edge well, this was not necessary all that often. The back of the blade produces showers of sparks from a ferro rod "firesteel" and also from real flint.

For many years the Mora Clipper was a favourite knife of hunters, bushcrafters, fishermen and other outdoorsmen around the world who appreciated its simple, rugged, practical, versatile and easy-to-maintain characteristics. I am sure that the Companion will prove just as popular – If not more so!

Typically costing around £12.50, the Companion is not going to break the bank to buy, or even your heart if you break or lose the knife and if you shop around you can even find this knife at a better price.

Lakeland Bushcraft (who supplied the review sample) were offering the high carbon Companion for only £8.95 and the stainless version for only £9.95!
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