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LED Lenser P7 With Gun Mount Review

LED Lenser P7 With Gun Mount Review

The LED LENSER P7 with Gun Mount has been designed for professional hunters who expect only the best. This flashlight is equipped with Advanced Focus System lenses with the focusing mechanism of the newly-developed Speed Focus. The lamp achieves the same light output as 3 to 4 heavy conventional electric torches, whilst using only a minimum amount of power. Manufactured in Germany, this torch boosts the normal precise German engineering technologies.


Circular spotlight, or sharply focused beam with a range of up to 215 meters - the choice is yours! The P7 has a modular design, a Dynamic Switch (an important feature for police, armed forces, and air gun users), and a special pressure switch for fitting to your air rifle. One set of inexpensive batteries provides up to 120 hours of light (in 15% economy mode), and 24 hours plus in normal mode. The LED LENSER P7 has the best lamp modern lighting technology on offer today. Torch technology moves to the next level. A must for every duty belt, and coupled to the 1" scope mount, makes the perfect torch for any air rifle. On narrow beam expect a 1 meter diameter beam of light at 50 yards focus.

Product Features
1 x Super CREE light chip
200 lumen with a range of 215 meters (715 Ft)
Dynamic switch with gold contacts
High speed single handed focus system
Supplied with pouch and lanyard
Pressure switch
1" Scope mount
Batteries included

Run Time
Up to 120 hours in economy mode

Length: 131mm, Head Diameter: 37mm, Body Diameter: 29.5mm

192 grams

Power Supply
4 x AAA alkaline batteries included

Packaging and Contents
Supplied in presentation gift box and includes:
P7 torch x 1
Durable nylon pouch x 1
Lanyard x 1
AAA battery x 4
1" Scope mount x 1
Pressure switch x 1

Having used this lamp extensively I must say how impressed I was with the total package. Costing around £60.00 it offered almost everything I needed for a night of hunting. The only thing missing is a set of coloured filters, which at the moment are not available for direct fixing to the lamp. However, this did not pose a problem as I fitted a sweet wrapper from a box of Quality Street Chocolates. The wrappers worked very well and were fitted by simply using an elastic band, and the chocolates were even better. A filter pouch is available at around £22.00 and includes four filters, Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, however the pouch is a bit bulky, and makes fitting to the mount a bit messy.

The tight beam was excellent and I noticed that at around 35 yards the beam of light was less than three feet in diameter, which is a great feature, and helps not to scare other animals or vermin which are out of focus. Because there is virtually no heat build up in the lamp, the sweet wrapper lasted the full evening shoot. By zooming out the focus, you achieve a much wider field of view, but, with a much reduced beam distance. Great for a panoramic evening view.

I used the lamp with both the pressure switch and the main dynamic switch, the latter I preferred because the light beam was so tight and did not appear to scare any animals which were outside of the light beam, however, the pressure switch worked equally as well, so it's probably down to a matter of personal choice. In both cases, the light beam was instant the minute the switches were pressed.

Fitting the lamp was very easy and took less than two minutes, and lining the light beam with your scope was just a matter of adjusting the torch in the mount before the final tightening of the mounting nut. The torch is also waterproof, which is an important feature when hunting on dark and damp evenings, and the low power consumption allows weeks, not hours, of useable time. The light weight of the torch did not alter the gun's balance, and after only a short while, I was unaware the the lamp was fitted to my gun, an Air Arms S400 Superlite Classic in .177

In conclusion, would I buy an LED LENSER P7 Gun Kit?, Yes I did, £60.00 well spent I thought. I've now had more than 24 hours of use and still on the Duracell batteries I originally fitted. Available through Amazon, etc.: https://www.amazon.co.uk/LED-Lenser...&qid=1516352213&sr=1-5&keywords=LED+Lenser+P7
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