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It is probably quite well known to most people that I am a bit of a fan of Leatherman tools, and I am happy to say that the new Leatherman "Sidekick" tool is well up to expectation.

Manufactured up to Leatherman's normal high standard with crisp and secure locks and strong springs, no trace of "wobble" or slackness, the Sidekick is a multi tool that is well up to a host of tasks, thanks to a great selection of well-designed and made individual tools.

leatherman sidekick.jpg

Built around spring action pliers, the Sidekick incorporates: Needlenose pliers, regular pliers and wire cutters (all sprung loaded). Inside one arm of the handle of the pliers – a Philips head screwdriver and a large flat head screwdriver. In the other arm there is a 4.25cm serrated edge knife blade, a can opener, a wire stripper, a cm ruler (5cm), an inch ruler (2"), an aggressive wood/metal file, a small flat head screwdriver and a lanyard ring.

Leatherman Sidekick clips.jpg

Accessible from the outside of the closed tool, and with one-hand opening thanks to large thumb grip slots and which lock securely into position with "liner locks", there is a 2.5" (6.5cm) 420HC stainless steel, hollow-ground, plain-edged knife, and a very effective 2.5" saw blade.

All the tools in the Sidekicks handles are designed to fold out to just beyond 180% to help prevent accidental closure in use, and these tools are also prevented from closing on your hand by the closed handles.

On the back of one arm of the tool there is a removable pocket clip (not one of my favourite features as I find it can interfere with the grip of the tool, making it a little uncomfortable in use), and the Sidekick comes with a soft leather slip case and a carabiner clip. Just slip the carabiner through the grommets in the top of the slip case and clip it to you belt etc for a secure carry.

Leatherman Sidekick in slip.jpg

The carabiner incorporates a bottle opener and hex bit driver for added versatility. Although some of the tools in the handle of the Sidekick can be a little fiddly to access (i.e. file, small screwdriver, can opener, wire stripper and lanyard ring), the straight edge knife and saw, as well as all the pliers, are very easy to get at and the spring in the pliers makes them, and the wire cutter, easy to use.

The rounded edges of the handle aid hand comfort during long-term usage and the whole tool, which weighs about 198.5g, is very user friendly.

Costing around £49.95, the new Leatherman Sidekick is a versatile tool that will prove useful over a range of tasks and should be very popular.

For more information visit www.whitbyandco.co.uk | Tel 01539 721032
John Fenna
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