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Sometimes it is just not possible to carry all the water you may want to drink. One litre of water weighs in at one kilo, so, on a long, hot, or even multi-day walk, carrying all you will need from a domestic source will just not be feasible.

This is where a good water purifier comes in if you want to ensure that you have clean and wholesome drinking water, and I have found that the Katadyn "MyBottle" water purifier has lots of points in its favour.

The MyBottle is part of Katadyns "ultra light series" and is made from BPA-free plastics with a "sports bottle" styling that incorporates a fold-flat, leak-proof, cushioned mouthpiece and a carrying clip in its hard plastic lid, as well as a cartridge life counter to indicate when the purification cartridge needs replacement.

Katadyn MyBottle Purifier.jpg

For those occasions when you have access to all the clean water you need, you can fit the supplied tube to the bottles lid instead of the purifying cartridge and use it just like any standard "sports" drinking bottle.

However, when your water supply is suspect, the purification cartridge is simply push-fitted into the MyBottle for on-the-go water purification. The simple "click" counter lets you know when the cartridge – which will treat up to 100 litres (depending on the quality of water you treat) - needs replacing, but if you choose the cleanest water you can find to preserve the life of the filter, you can go an awful long way between cartridge changes.

The side of the bottle has graduations in both ml and oz to let you know how much water you have left (the MyBottle holds 800ml without the cartridge, 560ml with the cartridge in place) and this is useful for camp cooking as well as while walking.

The MyBottle is easy to use, in both its sports bottle and water purifier roles. Its shape is easy to hold, the specially shaped and cushioned mouthpiece is comfortable to drink from, or pour through, the tube allows you to drink without tilting the bottle when not using the purifying cartridge, and the wide mouth of the bottle makes filling the bottle easy – even from a small stream.

The MyBottle water purifier weighs only about 260gm so really is ultra lightweight in comparison with other water purifying systems, needs no extra chemicals, batteries or pumping, and will purify 0.2 litres of water per minute, which is a nice steady sipping speed.

The filter itself comprises a glass fibre pre-filter to remove protozoa, bacteria and other items over 0.3microns in size, a 3-layer "Virupur" filter medium that deals with viruses and the smallest particles and a carbon filter to improve the taste of the water and remove odours.

The body of the MyBottle measures approx 26.5 x 8cm, is dishwasher safe and comes in colour and graphic options "Blue Splash" and "Green Deer". The Katadyn MyBottle water purifier is a lightweight, easy-to-use, effective and versatile water bottle and/or water purifying system for walkers. It comes with full instructions and costs around £55.

For more information visit www.katadyn.com
John Fenna
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