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JSR 3-9x50 PX AO Illuminated Scope Sight Review

JSR 3-9x50 PX AO Illuminated Scope Sight Review

I now use two of these scopes and have found them to satisfy all my disciplines when shooting air rifles. I've used them on both springers and PCP's with similar success and can recommend them as a good all round air rifle scope.


The first capability I look for in an air rifle scope is the focus range on maximum magnification, and what I insist on is a minimum range of five yards (15 feet) with a maximum clear magnification at sixty yards (180 feet). This range suits all my hunting requirements, my indoor targeting, and outdoor targeting. With the exception of competition targeting such as HFT and FT, I find this scope is quite capable of providing accurate sighting at three times to nine times magnification, and at an affordable price.

  • Tube Size: 1"
  • Weight: 665grams
  • Length: 345mm
  • Mounts: No mounts supplied.
  • Reticle: Red & green Illuminated Mil Dot Reticle. (Glass Etched - just the centre of the reticle illuminates.)
  • PX Adjustment: Front parrallax adjustable.
  • Minimum Focus (On Full Magnification): approx. 5 metres. (15 feet)
  • Lens Covers Supplied: Flip Up Lens Covers.
  • Turrets: External locking finger adjustable (lockable to prevent accidental adjustment).
  • Battery (Included): CR2032 3v lithium button.
  • Sunshade: Supplied with scope.
This scope is in fact manufactured by Leapers Optics, and is imported and sold directly to the customer by JS Ramsbottom in the UK, this removes the need for a distributor and therefor reduces import costs, thereby resulting in a much better customer price. At a retail price of around £60.00, it has to be considered a worth while budget priced scope, offering many features normally associated with scopes costing considerably more.

Weighing in at 665 grams, it's not the lightest scope on the market, but it does not impede your rifles' overall ability. At 345m/m in length it is not small, and when fitted with its sun shade is quite a large piece of equipment to have mounted on your rifle. For springers and under levers, care has to be taken when positioning the scope, and for all rifle types, I strongly recommend fitting good quality high position mounts.

Other features I like are the external locking turrets, They are highly visible, easy to turn, and the click is quite audible. I've never liked the screw on screw off caps which I'm always loosing, then having to fiddle with a small slot or small grip. With a 1/4" MOA I find the scope is so easy to zero, and it rarely takes more than 4 pellets to set the scope to zero.

The Red and Green illuminated mil dot reticle works exceptionally well with eight levels of brightness in each colour which illuminates just the center of the reticle. I do however find the control knob a bit on the tight side, and you have to remember to turn it off when you've finished using it.

Parrallax adjustment is achieved by tuning the front lens of the scope, and a distance guide is printed around the perimeter. The scope has a range of five yards to fifteen hundred yards, albeit anything beyond one hundred yards becomes difficult to sight, but, seeing how we don't hunt any where near this distance, the longer range capability will not be used for shooting.

The sun shade is also a very welcome piece of equipment, and not only useful for sunnier times. For indoor targeting I find the sun shade helps to eliminate light reflection from hitting the front lens, thereby reducing lens glare.

Flip up lens covers are included with this scope, however, I find they get in the way and are a problem so I always remove them. When closed the covers have a tendency to flip open leaving the lenses open to the elements. I recommend changing them for the fixed variety with elasticated supports.

As JS Ramsbottom state, this is an ideal scope for air rifles and is probably one of the better budget priced scopes on the market. I own two and about to own a third, so taking into account one or two minor irritations, I find this product to be money well spent.

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