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Helle Jegermester Knife

Helle Jegermester Knife

I have long been a fan of Helle Knives and think that they produce some of the best looking, most practical and useful commercial knives available. I have recently been trying out the Helle Jegermester and have found no reason to change my opinion!

A classic hunter's knife in the Norwegian tradition, the Jegermester has a 135mm long drop point, scandi ground blade some 28mm from edge to spine, made from a triple laminate stainless steel for superb edge retention and durability. The high carbon "core" of the blade is protected from fracture and corrosion by 18/8 steel "cheek" and the blade is mirror polished.

Helle Jegermester 2.jpg

The full length "stick" tang passes through a curved brass plate, through the gloriously patterned curly birch handle and is riveted back over a deep brass rivet to give a strong and durable construction.The blade has minimal (6mm) ricasso and no choil, so the blade continues sharp almost up to the handle, a design I prefer for its performance in heavy cutting.

The handle is comfortable, warm and palm-filling as well as beautiful!The sheath is a Nordic style, push fit, black leather item with a generous belt loop riveted with twin stainless rivets and boasts a decorative shaping to the throat and an embossed lynx mask. The sheath is a good (not perfect) fit and holds the knife securely.This knife is built to be used, and while the "fit and finish" is not of exhibition standard (with obvious overlaps between wood and brass for example), this does not compromise the comfort or performance of the knife.

I have used the Jegermester for all sorts of tasks and the slim steel, combined with its razor edge, sweet curve and drop point, has proved excellent for everything from slicing, cutting and carving wood, from batoning through kindling to carving "wood spirits", food preparation from slicing hide to carving dinner, cutting cord and webbing and trimming poles for hide building, making ground stakes etc.Due to the lightness of the blade, the knife was not best at heavy chopping – but that is what hatchets and billhooks are for!

Helle Jegermester 1.jpg

The edge takes and holds a superb edge that did not chip, even when chopping "green" bone, and is straightforward to sharpen with basic tools. The knife came superbly sharp "straight from the box" and is a joy to use.It is a pity that the fit between brass and wood is not better as this detracts from the overall excellence of the Jegermester – but it is a "user" not a "draw queen" of a knife and is easily rectified with a little emery work if it upsets you.

Costing around £85, the Helle Jegermester is a good-looking and very useful knife for a host of tasks, a joy to use, and comes with a free linen cleaning cloth.

For more information contact www.whitbyandco.co.uk Tel 01539 721032
John Fenna
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