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Hawke Sidewinder 30 4-16x50IR Review

Hawke Sidewinder 30 4-16x50IR Review

This scope was one of those rare situations where a chance was taken and turned out rosey. I needed a scope for my .223 desperately as the Bushnell although a great scope just didn't work on the gun. (there is a thread that explains this better, search "pigging scopes")

The spec of the MTC Viper i really liked but not had much luck with the 4-16x50IR MTCs, just a bit of bad luck that's all and the spare Hawke Frontier 4-16x42SF or even a swap around and use the 6-24x50SF were/are perfect for varmint shooting with their crisp picture but lousy for lamping due to their fairly narrow field of view.


As luck would have it i saw a couple of Hawke Sidewinders but they were the Tac version but then noticed a 4-16x50IR 30 for sale only 3 months old and turned out to be a bit OTT for the owners gun. I done my home work and checked to Hawke site for spec and gun rating. Well the spec was impressive enough and knew it was Chinese but the reviews were in praise of it with only a few negative owners also it was Full Bore Rated according to Hawke on their site, ticked all the right boxes. A deal was done and i saved a little on the new price too.

Being only 3 months old it was and is as new and looked very serious with all it packaging layout. Despite Hawke clearly saying Full bore rated people would still poo poo them as air rifle only scopes.

I mounted it to my CZ527 American and it looked more shorter than the MTC Viper did but just as impressive if this matters. I boresighted and ready to final zero.

I fitted the side wheel which isn't as good as the Viper's but i took it back off as it looked like a pansy gun. The Turret adjusters are quality, pull the cap up and twist through the smooth and crisp clicks and then pop the cap back down. To set zero on cap just undo the screw and free rotate to the zero mark and retighten,job done!!! Although i don't dial in i just use hold over or under via the mildots.

All the rotating parts are firm yet smooth and the fast eye focus locking ring is a simple yet effective idea.Hawke have really put some thought into this scope it seems and it works very well!!!! Lucky for me the ret is mildot as i don't really get on with either of the MAP rets. I don't use the IR on any scope but i tried this one and on Red just the mildot section lights up and goes from 1 to 5 brightness settings and the same with green. Personally i think green is a waste of time and a gimmic. The IR is no better or worse than anything else on the market at the moment.

I zeroed live rounds at 100yds and never moved from the spot. At 300yds i use mag 10 and even though it was a dull showery day the optical picture quality was superb and bettered MTC but was just as bright though. Obviously the optical quality is down on the Frontiers which are Made in Japan but it was still very impressive and a dozen foxes or so later i have not had any problem trying to see my target day or night.

The Sidewinder30 is a real alternative to the MTC and a better scope as in finish by miles and just pips the optical quality too. Costs more than a Viper but the extra £30ish is well worth it. More people should use it for powder burners as i am. I really like this scope which offers me everything from looks i want and with a performance i can't fault and only praise. This is a serious scope well suited to hunting and would have thought for HFT etc shooters too.

I like it and it is staying.
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