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Hawke Frontier 6-24x50SF Review

Hawke Frontier 6-24x50SF Review

I wanted a top quality scope for long range bunny bashing and did my home work by looking at other brands to see what they offered. I didn't set out to get a Frontier. I wanted 4-16 up to 6-24 mag max as anything over this is a little OTT for my liking. I also wanted 50mm objective with the swat look. I did look at a Besonder a while back and whilst very good they were just not good enough. I like Japanese glass as it offers out standing quality optics at a more pocket friendly price than Euro glass. I also wanted a 30mm tube and set myself a max I would pay.


As with all things in life it is a compromise. It boiled down to what i could live without and it was the 30mm tube I sacrificed. At the £400 mark it is enough money to make you swallow hard before parting with your hard earned cash. To be honest there is no need to worry.

The Frontier is Made in Japan at one of the top scope manufacturers so this for me was a good start. It is the same length as my MTC Viper 4-16x50 so not overly long like some 6-24's are and looks in proportion. It is sitting happily on my Annie 1517 without looking awkward.

The scope feels solid with a bit of quality weight to it and the finish is good including the gold lettering. With it mounted I took it out to zero.

The 1/8th click turrets feel nice and positive also if you work out POI over distance the turret is designed to be used without covers which can be left off with no ill effect. If noted POI at yardage the turrets can be adjusted to compensate. I personally leave the caps on.

The eye relief is very very generous which comes in handy for larger calibre recoiling rifles. The Side Focus works a treat and I like this more than the PX adjuster collar. The yardage indication marks are spot on too as I proved this with my laser ranger finder. The fast eye focus and mag ring slide smoothly and the chunky pattern allows easy use with gloves or cold fingers.

Looking through the scope is just amazingly clear and bright. The lenses are fully multi coated with 7 layers they call Broad Band Coating giving amazing clarity. On full mag the picture is crisp and clear and I could see water drips coming out of a water tank over flow pipe from a house which is about 170yds away.

The setting I use is mag 12 and at 150yd rabbits looked so clear I felt I could reach out and stroke them. Optics are 1st class.

I am a bit disappointed it isn't a 30mm body tube but it performs supremely well so can't knock it for that. The Mil-Dot ret works very well and is easy to use.

I do really like this scope and bought it as a long term investment. I think it is worth every penny as you get a great package from looks to performance. Okay I know Deben Hawke have some reputation but don't let that put you off as the Frontier is the good "some" side.

As far as I'm concerned I am well chuffed with it and a lot of money it maybe but it's money well invested.
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