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Gamo Coyote Black in .177

Gamo Coyote Black in .177


The Gamo Coyote is a low-cost PCP based on internals from the BSA Buccaneer, dressed up in a Gamo synthetic thumbhole stock with adjustable cheek-piece. The cold hammer-forged barrel comes from BSA, and they are known for producing accurate barrels.


The magazines are also BSA, and dead easy to use. Drop a pellet in, nose first, rotate the blue carrier anti-clockwise against the spring, repeat until all 10 pellets are seated. It slips into the breech block aided by two magnets, which snap it securely into place before the bolt locks everything down.



The barrel is finished with a muzzle brake, which serves no useful purpose that I can think of, except as a thread protector for the 1/2" UNF silencer thread. The cylinder end below houses the manometer, and a plastic friction sleeve slides off to reveal the charging port.


The fill probe is supplied with spare O rings and a bit of silicone grease, although the Hill pump comes with a large tube of same, which will be handy.


The Coyote is unregulated, but uses a "self-regulating" valve -- in other words, BSA's Fast Strike hammer and valve assembly. This uses tuned valve and hammer springs and components to flatten out the power curve, and it certainly seems to work. I get 60 consistent shots between 200 bar and 100 bar. It then takes 80 strokes of the Hill Mark IV pump to fill it back up to 200 bar. There's a bit of a technique to it -- using body mass rather than muscle power works much better and hurts less!

The adjustable comb is brilliant, allowing perfect eye/scope alignment.


The pistol grip is steeply raked and nicely stippled & tactile, and fits my gorilla-sized hand very well. Unlike slimmer pistol grips, this one has a slight palm swell that drops the pad of my index finger right on the trigger.


The trigger itself is two-stage adjustable -- it's their CAT trigger, which is much better than the vile Gamo springer triggers I've used (and replaced) before. Out of the box, the first stage is long and light, and comes to a well-defined stop. The second stage is also long and light, but predictably so and very smooth, and is therefore shootable. I have now modified the second-stage adjustment screw to allow for a lighter pull weight -- it's simple to do, and turns a decent trigger into a great one.

There's a manual safety paddle in front of the trigger, which pushes on and off quietly with your index finger.


With a Hawke Vantage 4-12X40 AO scope on board, plus a Weihrauch silencer, the rifle is now being fed a steady diet of the Continental equivalent of Bisley Magnums -- H&N Baracuda Match pellets. It will happily print ragged-hole groups at 33 yards all day, and 11-12mm groups (i.e. half-inch groups) at 45 yards, if I do my part.

This really is a lot of rifle for not too much money.
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