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Defiant Precision Airgun Pellet Review

Defiant Precision Airgun Pellet Review

I have been trialling these pellets recently, and I have to say, I am impressed with both their manufacturing quality, and their accuracy.

As most people know, finding a pellet which is suitable in one gun, may not be so suitable in another gun, even one of the same make and model, so please bear that in mind when reading this review.


Manufacturing Quality
These pellets (well more like air bullets really), are REALLY well made. Each is visually identical to the next one, with well formed heads, sides, and skirts. The only criticism is a tiny bit of lead flashing around/under the head driving band on some pellets.

The .22 pellets I have been testing come in three head sizes Small (5.48mm), Medium (5.50mm), and Large (5.52mm) to enable you to find the optimum size for your particular barrel.

A sample pack containing 150 of each size is available for test purposes.

Once You have found which head size is best in your gun, then boxes of each size are available.

I took a random sample of 10 of each size, and weighed them on electronic scales for precision accuracy.

My findings were as follows:

  • 10x Small head size gave a total weight of 139.77 grns = 13.97 grns each.
  • 10x Medium head size gave a total weight of 139.77 grns = 13.97 grns each.
  • 10x Large head size gave a total weight of 140.55 grns = 14.05 grns each.

So consistency of weight is near perfect, so top marks there.

The manufacturers claim is of 14 grns.

In the two guns I recently trialled them in (both Brocock Hunters), one gave the best accuracy with the Medium size, the other Brocock preferred the Large size.

Accuracy was phenomenal, giving equal grouping to the other favourite pellet of these guns, Air Arms Field 5.52.

At 40 yards rested, both guns were printing a small fingernail sized, single hole group. I have not yet had the chance to test accuracy out at longer ranges (60 yards), but I am confident that the Defiants will produce the goods there too.

These pellets are well worth trying, as they are one of the HIGHEST quality pellets available today.

As they are of a medium weight (14 grns), they are suitable for both PCP and springers.

As they are 2 grns lighter than the JSB variants, they may will give you a faster, flatter trajectory than what you are using currently.

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