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Chalk Targets Review

Chalk Targets Review

I was recently very kindly sent a sample box of chalk targets to review, they arrived very quickly, and were presented in a sturdy, attractive cardboard box. The sample box I was sent states the targets are suitable for both smallbore and airguns, and contained 50 x 24mm, and 25 x 38mm white chalk discs, as well as a selection of brightly coloured 'Hi-Viz' discs of orange, yellow, and pink in 24mm, and orange and yellow in the 38mm size. Despite the contents being very well protected, by both bubble-wrap and sawdust, there was a small number of breakages inside, but nothing significant.


The discs themselves have a 'Target and Cross-hair' design embossed into them, and a small hole at the 12 o'clock position, to allow them to be hung up. This can be done a number of ways, a simple small nail in a suitable backstop, or suspended from paper clips threaded onto a piece of string tied between two trees or posts etc. I chose to fashion a few L shaped holders out of an old wire coat-hanger, onto which I could hang the discs. They can then be simply pushed into soft ground at various ranges of your choice.Doing this makes ideal practice for the airgun hunter, as the larger 38mm size disc (1 and 1/2") is the exact size which is widely accepted to be the maximum kill zone size that hunters should strive to be able to place all their shots within.

Even if you have limited practice space (in your garden, for example), then you can use the smaller discs at closer range to compensate for the shorter range. The discs could even be placed out as range markers, if you were shooting from a hide, for example, their use and versatility is only limited by your own imagination. When struck, the discs explode into a very satisfying puff of chalk dust, much more exciting than simply making holes in paper!

They could not however, take the place of paper targets for zeroing though, as they do not show exactly where your shot actually landed, only that you hit the disc somewhere. If your wants are more inclined towards the fun aspect of airgun shooting, there are some Rabbit, Duck, and Crow shaped chalk targets available, again in plain white, or the hi-vis colours. These may appeal to the younger shooters, or plinkers, more so than the round discs. The crow targets come in three different shapes/poses, and the rabbit and duck targets are supplied together in a box comically entitled 'Buck and Duck'. Very Droll.

There is already a vast selection of colours/sizes/shapes/quantities available from stock, but if what you require is not already listed, then your order can be tailored to suit you, as the manufacturer is very accommodating to providing for your needs.Each box of targets are all priced the same at £5.69 plus P+P, only the quantities in the box are adjusted to compensate for their production costs.

White targets contain up to approximately 100 per box, and the coloured targets contain up to approximately 75 per box. Having tried out the disc targets at 40 yards, it was evident my shooting skills have lapsed, and I need to get some serious practice in, as it was quite humbling when a target was missed, but very satisfying and spectacular when it was hit.

So, if you are looking for something to liven-up your plinking sessions, or want something to help sharpen up your hunting marksmanship skills, then these chalk targets may well be what you are looking for.

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