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Buffalo River CarryPro Gun Case Review

Buffalo River CarryPro Gun Case Review

I have bought a few of these cases recently as I am really impressed with some of the unique features it provides over other gun cases. The case is made in a heavy duty #600 rip stop nylon and comes in a choice of green, or camo finishes.

Four lengths are available to suit the vast majority of guns...44" 46" 48" and 52". The lengths are a bit on the skimpy side, the actual case measuring about 2" less than what is actually stated.


It is shaped to accommodate a scoped rifle, but I feel it would struggle to accept a gun with a very large scope, or one in very high mounts....but for the average gun/scope combo, it is about right.

Continuing with the exterior of the case, it is fitted with a thick rubber muzzle protector moulding....much better than just the norm of just having a bit of vinyl stitched on. There is also a nylon loop at the muzzle end, for hanging the case up.

Running along the spine of the case is another rubber moulding, this time a ribbed section which provides extra protection to the gun when resting the case down onto a rough or wet surface.

The left-hand rear of the case is fitted with a generously sized pocket...perfect for storing pellet tins, silencers, target holders or whatever, and stopping them from scratching your gun if they were placed inside with the gun.

On the right-hand rear side of the case is a velcro'd flap, which opens to reveal a full length pocket to hold a cleaning/ram rod.

Staying on the right-hand side, is a fully adjustable sling. Having it fitted on the side of the case, as opposed to the centre spine, means the gun is carried flat to Your back when the sling is used. That stops it from flapping from side to side, making it much more secure and less prone to knocks and damage than when other cases are used.

Two carry straps are fitted, one with a velcro handle which can lock the two straps together, and provide a more comfortable hold if the gun is to be carried in the hand for a long time/distance.

Turning to the interior of the case reveals a dark brown velvety material. This I feel will not only give Your gun a soft, scratch free place to reside, but it will also stay looking good, as unlike the white sheepskin type linings of other cases, does not show any grease or oil stains that inevitably get transferred from the gun, onto the inside of the case.

The padding is not particularly thick, but it is fairly rigid for a "Soft" case. It is much better than the simple soft sponge padding of many other cases. It is also fitted into the base/spine of the case too.

The zip runs the full length of the case, right down to the muzzle. A good bit of design is that it does not extend all the way to the very back though. It stops about half way along where the butt pad would be, so if the guncase was inadvertently being carried muzzle upwards by the sling, then there is less danger of the weight of the gun bearing on the zip and making it open slightly, and allowing the possibility of the gun slipping out.

The zip itself looks to be heavy duty, and able to withstand some harsh/rough treatment.

Now comes the bad bit, but in fairness it is the only fault/criticism I can find, and that is the zip does not have some inner flanges/flaps to cover the teeth when it is closed. This means if your set-up is too large for the gun case, the large zipper teeth are free and unhindered to mark/damage/scratch the scopes eyebells and turrets, but also the top of the stock's cheekpiece, and also the top/upper edge of the barrel and/or silencer.

This oversight spoils what is otherwise a VERY well designed, and thought out product.

Quite a few of the features already mentioned are unique to this gun case, and so are not available on other cases, which makes it a good choice to make. At £29.95, it is no dearer than many "Lesser" cases, and in some instances, cheaper than supposedly "superior" equipment.

If they would only sort that zip out. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Buffalo-...772942?hash=item465e000f4e:g:hxUAAOSwOgdYozDu
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