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BSA Professional Target Holder Review

BSA Professional Target Holder Review

I recently bought one of these to allow me to check zero when out in the field. I am really impressed with it, especially as after a bit of bartering with the Gun shop owner, I managed to get it for £12.

It is small enough to fit into a large pocket when folded down, and is fairly light to carry too. When unfolded, it can be used in one of three positions, high with spikes for use on soft ground, high with a flat base for use on a hard surface, or finally a low position, again for use on a hard surface.


In each position, the clever design means it locks itself together, so it cannot be knocked backwards, for example, by the wind or pellet strikes etc. Two side arms swing out in a V formation, each with a slot, into which a target is slid and securely held.

Thicker target cards can be a bit of a faff to fit in straight and flat, without creasing or buckling though, but at least they are held tight! (good for when it is breezy)

As there is no pellet catcher arrangement, care has to be taken regarding a safe and legal backstop as you never know where the pellet will end up.

The unit is constructed from Stainless Steel, so it will not rust if it gets wet, or the spikes are pushed into damp soil.

As I have not shot the holder yet, I cannot comment how it will stand up to being battered by pellets.

When you have finished using it, the holder locks down into it's folded state, and cannot inadvertently open up when in a rucksack, or your pocket.

The simple idea's are always the best. Currently available at £22.79 online. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Field-Ze...421358?hash=item337d3c13ee:g:1oMAAOSwDk5T6z8~
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