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BSA Lightning XL Review

BSA Lightning XL Review

I took delivery of the gun a few weeks ago and my first impressions after unwrapping the gun were good. I have now had chance to have a good play with the Lightning and I must say BSA have done a superb job with this sub £200 rifle. The gun feels right, it shoulders nice and is indeed very easy to use.

I opted for .177 as I was going to use it as a club plinking gun as most of you know it sometimes gets a bit boring shooting a deadly accurate PCP all the time. I plan on shooting a few in-house HFT courses with the XL.


The XL would suit all ages as it's not too big and bulky and cocks quite easily as it has an over sized silencer which acts as a cocking aid. The beech stock is well shaped and will fit most people, BSA have stamped their logo into the bottom of the pistol grip which does add a nice finishing touch to the stock.

The lightning is also fitted with BSA's new patented MIM (Metal injection Moulding) trigger unit, which is set to finer tolerances than a standard metal cast trigger, giving the user a smoother trigger. The new trigger is also fitted recoil plate inside the stock to help smooth everything out.

The XL also has a part synthetic and part steel spring guide which was tested until the gun fell apart but the spring guide was still intact, The new spring guide also quieten the overall noise of the XL and helps reduce the twang you get with most Springer's.

The maxi grip scope rail also has a damper fitted to reduce scope damage. The action along with the cocking linkage has been put together really well and if looked after should last a lifetime.

I have fitted the lightning with a Hawke 6 x 40 with MAP reticule scope and sportsmatch mounts, which suits the gun nicely.

I have now used this gun for general plinking at the club range and find it a pleasure to use and have found myself picking it up more than I do with my PCP guns as its more fun to plink with.

I have not tried the gun for hunting as I always use .22 in FAC these days but this gun in .22 would make a superb compact hunter for woodland use or in and around farm buildings, or even from a vehicle.

I can honestly say I cannot find fault with this superb little springer BSA have done well.

The XL is great for beginners through to the expert shooters among us.

Well worth buying one for your collection.
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