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aLOKSAK 4 Pack Multi Size Large

aLOKSAK 4 Pack Multi Size Large

Ok, it has been known to rain in Wales, on the odd occasion at least, so it is wise to make sure that sensitive, valuable, gear such as phone, GPS, maps, car keys etc. are kept waterproof, or risk spoiling a days damp but exhilarating walking.

One option that I have tried and like to the extent that I now use it even when canoeing (now there is an occasion when my gear really needs waterproof protection) is the range of aLOKSAK waterproof storage bags.

Coming in various sizes, the aLOKSAKs are suitable for a wide range of items and I found the "4 Pack Multi-Size (Large)" option particularly useful, and at around £9.99, good value for money.


This pack contains one of each of the 12" x 12", the 9" x 6", the 6.75" x 6" and the 4.5" x 7" aLOKSAKs, so a wide variety of your sensitive kit will fit neatly and safely. The aLOKSAKs are very tough and durable – I have stood my full weight on an air-filled one without it bursting, and are hermetically sealing, transparent, easy-to-access, soft, water- dust-and even air-proof, certified to a depth of 60 meters, food safe and even recyclable when they eventually do wear out.

Staying usable in temperatures ranging from –40 degrees F to +140 degrees F, the aLOKSAKs are less likely to crack in cold conditions unlike PVC or Vinyl, each bag is printed with full instructions and you can still use items such as the phone without removing it from the bag.

For more information visit www.bushgear.co.uk | Tel 01795 534343
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