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Aldingbourne & District Target Shooting Club

Aldingbourne & District Target Shooting Club

We are based at Westergate near Bognor Regis we offer a variety of target shooting disciplines:

  • Air Pistol
  • Air Rifle
  • Prone Rifle
  • 3 Position Shooting
  • Lightweight Sporting Rifle

Target shooting is a sport for young and old, you won't need any equipment to start with, we can supply everything you need to get you started.

How do I get started?
Target Shooting is not dependent on your strength, your size, your gender, your or even much by your eyesight! Its a sport that is enjoyed by a wide variety of people, which makes it a good sport for families.

Come along to the range and we will give you an introduction to target shooting, which will include personal guidance on firearm safety, range etiquette as well as individual shooting coaching and fill out the necessary forms (we are legally obliged to do this)

Can I shoot?
Of course you can, as long as you are not prohibited by the provisions of Section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968 (this is the form filling part)

Is there a minimum age?
No there is not an age limit. It is more a case of if you can control the rifle. For junior members we have some lightweight target rifles and provide shooting blocks to help support the rifle.

Is shooting dangerous?
No, shooting is not dangerous, indeed it is one of the safest sports. We will always teach you how to handle a firearm safely, this will ensure the safety of yourself and of the others who will be shooting with you. You will also be supervised at all times whilst you are on the range during your three month probation period. Smallbore shooting is a precision sport, taking place in controlled conditions, where safety is of paramount importance.

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