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1066 Rifle & Pistol Club

1066 Rifle & Pistol Club

The Club Range is situated in Rock Lane; a quiet country lane on the north-east edge of Hastings and Ore.

The Club owns its own freehold premises and enjoys a wide road frontage, which leads to a large car park. The newly constructed 25 metre indoor range sits within a valley and is hidden from the car park and road. There is also an adjacent outdoor air rifle range.

The object of the Club is to promote and encourage participation and skill in the use of firearms within a pleasant environment.

The current membership of the Club stands at approximately 240 full members, but we would like to welcome new members, who we can easily accommodate in our spacious facilities.

We have a thriving full-bore membership; air-rifle section and Juniors. All sections would welcome new members.

The Indoor Range
The recently constructed indoor range complex is housed within a brick and concrete building and comprises a centrally heated club room, which leads in to the 25 metre range. There are six firing points from which shooters can fire standing, kneeling, bench rest and prone. There is also a turning target system which can be shot at 10, 15 and 25 metres. The Club also has the added facility of a kitchen.

The range has NRA approval for a variety of types of firearm and is used by members firing a whole range of calibres, from .22 rimfire, through to large bore blackpowder muzzle loading rifles, as well as muzzle loading pistols.

In order to preserve the butt-stops from undue wear and tear, or accidental penetration, there is a maximum energy limit permitted for ammunition used on the range. For details see under Opening Times. However, we have a thriving group of members who fire full-bore military calibre firearms for which they manufacture their own suitably downloaded ammunition.

The Outdoor Range

The outdoor range is a 50 metre range, suitable for air weapons, archery and a zeroing range for .22 rifles with a vermin variation.

Other Shooting Venues

In addition to the Rock Lane facilities, club members also shoot at Lydd and Hythe military ranges, where members can use their more powerful full-bore rifles that are inappropriate for use on the indoor range. These shoots currently take place twice a month, one weekend day and one mid-week day usually lasting all day, i.e. from 08.30 to 16.00. These shoots are all outdoors and depending on the range in use, can be at various distances from 100 yards to 1,000 yards.

On the Gallery Ranges the targets are conventional round, black, bullseye type and firing takes place from a standard firing point.

On 'sniper' ranges the targets are man-sized falling places. Firing takes place from standard firing points, or from trenches, buildings or other cover.

These shoots cost approximately £15 per session, depending on the type of range used. Club rifles are available for the newer members, who have yet to obtain their own. Appropriate ammunition supplied by the Club Secretary is usually available on the day.

The Club also arranges regular visits to Bisley.

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